Do you enjoy singing and want to learn more?
Do you think you can't sing a note?
Alyson Denza is now offering singing lessons
to all ages and all abilities.

Competitive Rates
for 1 to 1 tuition


Age 4-8: 20mins £20

Age 8-13: 30mins £30


14+: 50mins £50

Everyone can sing.
Whether you were told you were tone deaf when you were six years old
and haven't opened your mouth since,
love singing along with the radio but would never do it in public,
or believe you are a budding Pavarotti or Charlotte Church,
there is always something you can learn about your voice and how to use it.

So if you'd like to experience the fun of being able to sing -
whether professionally, for personal enjoyment, or simply to stop the
family complaining when you sing in the shower, give Alyson a call.

All lessons are held in a private sound-proofed studio.
NO need to worry someone else might hear!

0797 1234 099